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Sew-Easy Costumes grew out of the frustration of having to provide a costume for Tudor Day for my daughter. Making a costume is not as simple as finding a pattern and selecting the fabric - for something historical, the paper patterns available simply don’t cover the topics studied at school. And while I was able to design a pattern myself, the amount of time my daughter was going to spend wearing this costume really did make the process seem like an extreme effort.

And that’s the conundrum, we want our children to enjoy these history themed days, but we don’t want the process of kitting them out to be complicated. So, I started talking to other parents and I sent questionnaires out to schools to ask what would be a practical range of styles to include in the collection and the response I got was fantastic. While many parents are interested in fashion, few have any real idea about what is appropriate for historical costume and many of the teachers themselves feel quite a pressure to provide clear information, but only have the resource kits supplied. So the whole thing becomes fairly stressful and yet it seems we all really understand the value of bringing history to life.

Hopefully this is where Sew-Easy Costumes will be able to help. The designs are taken from historical reference books and I frequently visit the V&A costume collection. Obviously the styles have been simplified and adapted to modern use and sewing techniques, but for the main, the detailing and colours of the fabrics give a real feel for the period.

Thank you to everyone who replied to my questions and offered ideas of how I could expand the collection. Here they are at last: Roman, Greek and Egyptian, Tudor, Victorian and Evacuees. They all come in kit form with everything you need to construct the costume and if, for some reason you lose the instruction sheet, don’t worry, you can download it from the website.

Thank you too, to my models Angus, Emma, Florence, Lucy, Millie, Ollie, Sam K and Sam P for bringing the costumes to life. I love that each garment now has a story - it's quite incredible what kids can do simply by dressing up.

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