tudor boy costume kit for kids

Tudor Boy - Perfect for Tudor Day. From The Tudor Collection

Tudor fashion focussed closely on the preferences of the ruling monarch of the day. Henry VIII was very proud of his wide shoulders and fashion exaggerated the male figure with robes that hung from the shoulder. Elizabeth I was very fond of the colours white, red, black and gold, and her courtiers chose to wear these colours when in her company, possibly as a sign of loyalty. The rest of society favoured more subdued colours and would have had one or two outer garments with smocks and undershirts being the only items that could be washed easily.

Peasant Tudor Boy £28

The basic garments of the lower classes were the same as the more wealthy but again were made of coarser fabric and more natural colours. The peasant Tudor boy has tunic and hose (pants), over which a jerkin would have been worn in bad weather.

Size 9-10